Kindness for Kenya

People often say to us, “what a wonderful thing you do for those girls”.

We answer by saying, “what a true blessing it is to work with them”.

At Angela’s Angels, we have experienced so many opportunities and cherished moments throughout the past twelve years volunteering to provide disadvantaged high school girls the opportunity to attend their prom with the dresses and accessories at no cost to them. We have laughed and cried with them during our fitting sessions. Our mission is to make a difference for those in need. We are grateful for each girl that reaches out to us for help.

Last month we realized just how blessed we are. We had received a telephone call from a group of women volunteers from Pittsburgh. These selfless women assist refugee girls in our area. We were given the privilege of outfitting seven refugee girls from Kenya, Africa for their first USA prom.

These teenage girls were our typical excited, giddy, girls that we typically outfit and we were very happy that we could help them achieve a small dream of theirs here in this country.

As a Non-Profit organization, we consist of women volunteers that give of their time and energy day in and day out to help the young women that come to us for help. We are both happy and blessed that we have had the opportunity to accomplish this small achievement. The young women that reach out to us know that throughout our involvement with them we keep their participation anonymous.

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